New Owners

Cotswolds Luxury Holidays Limited has been operating as a disclosed agent managing holiday lets for discerning owners at Lakes by Yoo since 2012

We offer a commission-based business model, the more revenue we generate for the owner the more commission we generate for ourselves, the only additional payments we levy from the rental guests is a £60 booking fee.

There are costs associated with owning a second home so we do all we can to mitigate these as much as we can by not adding any further management fees or other mark ups for overseeing tradesmen to carry out necessary day to day repairs that are required to keep the property in good order.

Our owner’s use their properties for their personal use and only let out their properties to help with a cost of running a second home.

We look to achieve a reasonable level of availability to justify our own costs of advertising, marketing, photography, administration etc.

We also have some owners who rarely use their properties and able to offer high levels of availability and for the right property we can achieve a high level of bookings compared to our rivals.

We anticipate this trend to continue for the foreseeable future partly as a result of our transparent business model and increasing levels of returning customers.